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Full Bloom Children's Yoga and Mindfulness

Skills for Children to Bloom

Meet Zoe Gates

Owner  -  Yoga Instructor  -  LMSW

Hi! My name is Zoe Gates. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and a children's yoga instructor. My husband and I live in Grand Rapids, MI with our two incredible children; a seven-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son. I worked in foster care as a children's therapist from 2011-2017 and have recently returned to the clinical setting as a private practice therapist at Open Chair Counseling in Caledonia, MI. 

After earning my children's yoga certification in 2019, I saw a clear connection between the mindfulness exercises used in children's yoga and the interventions I used as a clinician. As a therapist, I've seen the role social-emotional development plays in helping children become successful in their classrooms, in their families, and with themselves. Immediately I knew I wanted to build something valuable for children; Something to enrich their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I wanted to bring these skills into their classrooms and into their homes- the places their development constantly occurs. It is truly my honor and privilege to work with children and teach them the skills they need to bloom.

Meet Zoe
Full Bloom

Yoga and Mindfulness for Children

Let's Move, Breathe, and Play!

As a children's yoga teacher, it is my passion to share the value and joy of yoga and mindfulness with the younger generation. These classes provide kiddos an essential early start to understanding the body-mind-emotion connection. This is the foundation which will also develop healthy and necessary social and emotional skills along the way.


"Yoga is the space where flower blossoms."
             -Amit Ray 

Children's Yoga

Children can enjoy and benefit from yoga and mindfulness from toddlerhood through middle school and beyond. Classes are available for three age groups, and activities vary to meet the developmental needs of each group. Classes consist of movement, music, yoga, games, mindfulness practice, and breathwork. They are designed to be playful while challenging children to develop their focus, awareness, and movement in new ways. Children will build regulation skills, healthy social skills, and positive self-esteem. If you’d like to add more to your class, talk to me about adding a related craft for even more fun!

Ages 2-4, 5-7, and 8-12

Story-Time Yoga

Story-time yoga is a fun variation of a traditional children's yoga class. Each class will include one or two short stories that give an interactive and unique opportunity for kiddos to practice yoga along with the book! These classes also consist of music, basic breathwork, and games. Most engaging for ages 2-6.

Special Event

A yoga event is often family-friendly but can also be exclusively for the kids. This class is similar to a regular children's yoga class in that it includes music, games, and mindfulness practice. However, the added element of family and partner poses provides a fun new opportunity for bonding and teamwork. These events often include a themed craft, as well.

Connected Kids

Empathy is essential to a healthy society and it starts with internal connection that can be extended outwards. This is an eight week in-school program for elementary-aged students. These classes are designed to emphasize the body-mind-behavior connection, connection to ourselves, and connection to others and the world around us. This play-based program combines themes such as yoga and mindfulness with more evidence-based practices rooted in basic cognitive-behavioral concepts. Early studies have indicated that implementing yoga and mindfulness into schools can lead to some exciting outcomes: improvements in students’ mental and emotional health, focus, and conduct.

**Other class options also available for in-school settings**


Class Offerings
In your space or mine!
I hold classes in a studio space but I can also come to you! I travel in and around the Grand Rapids area attending classrooms, child-care facilities, scout meetings, birthday parties, and more. The classes listed below can be brought to you. Interested in something else? Just ask!

Full Bloom is a proud Program Partner with Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore- ask about classes!

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